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Oh mediacom, you're so.... not worth it.

Ping graphs. Green (usually) dots are the average response, shading are the percentiles, and colored sections represent packet loss. That's what you should focus on... the packet loss.

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Ukrainians are selling used Russian Tanks on eBay

Ah, Mediacom. Where you can be told "no we don't do this" UNTIL you give them the traceroute, then they're like "oh okay I'll create a ticket for the NOC to look at."

I expect higher quality from Mediacom *Business* than to tell me "We don't block port 113, I don't know what to tell you" as I'm staring right at Liberal staff telling me IDENT is failing, and my firewall showing 0 packets off a pcap.

I love ISPs.

Encryption is protecting Ukrainians from #Putin — but the UK wants to ban, limit or make it useless in the #onlinesafetybill.

Stand up to protect #encryption

Privacy International is a charity which has campaigned for the right to privacy since 1990. You can follow them at:

➡️ @[email protected] (main account)

➡️ @[email protected] (videos)

Their website is at and they also have their own PeerTube instance full of useful videos at

#PrivacyInternational #Privacy #NGO #NGOs #Activism #Videos

I once again need volunteers who would be okay with appearing in App Store screenshots.

f-droid's de facto complete lack of any sort of malware is literally more important than any theoretical concern imo

is it possible to sneak malware in if you really tried? yes

is there malware? no absolutely not

you go on google play and download a flashlight app and the top 20 results are all malware lol
sure f-droid has some pretty shit apps but none of them will infect your phone, and to be fair f-droid also has a handful of extremely high quality apps that you would have trouble finding otherwise
so idk, for the average user f-droid is just de facto higher quality apps, and confers more security just by being a little more tightly controlled by forcing apps to be open source (malware people will typically not want to make their shit open source. that's usually how it works)

I wonder if I should quickly swap over to glitch-soc while I have nothing else to do.

Unless someone wants to recommend something else?

"I about shit myself when I saw the initial notification"

submitted by HosephIna

When your streamer friend doesn't have a good sub alert and you say "I have just the thing"

And your sense of humor, on a scale of 1 to 10, is "FUCKED"

If I'm not DEAD TIRED after work today I think I need to brush off my HOTAS and get back to ... let's see if my instance keels over

(Historically it can't transcode fast enough and kills the stream because it assumes that much waiting socket data means something went wrong)

The IDEA is that @tekdmn_blog will be watching my RSS and tooting out the summary, a link, and some hashtags. Anything it says it'll check every ~5 minutes to see who's replied, and start meddling with the Commento database. So I can't do it bidirectionally, but I think it's good enough.

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I can also pull your current avatar picture... though I'd have to do a tiny bit of work to keep the name and avatar up to date. That would probably be a separate task from the main "check Mastodon and update" loop.

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So here's how I think I can merge Mastodon and Commento:

Mastodon posts are HTML. So I need to do a LITTLE stripping (removing, say, @ mention links), but I can drop your text straight in, user name is, say "Teknikal_Domain (from the Fediverse)" and that's a link to your account profile. Comment text would also probably have a link to the original post at the bottom of it.

Favorites become Commento votes. Only public posts get counted. And I MIGHT be able to make CWs work as well.

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# sudo -u www-data composer instal --no-dev
Loading composer repositories with package information
Installing dependencies from lock file
Nothing to install or update

mfw I misspell "install" and it still works

Me: "Oh I can just merge Mastodon comments into Commento, it'll be fine"

Me: "Commento has no documented public API but the database schema is simple enough and has no relational / referential constraints, I can just directly modify the tables"


As much as the content I write on my site is... Extremely intermittent and only really understandable by a niche group of nerds, I'm going to ask.

If you wanted to be notified of when some website has new content available to read, how would you choose to get updates?

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