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Today: ripping out my old and processors, OpenDKIM / OpenDMARC, in favor of . I can even drop Postgrey and parts of Postscreen.

Oh it's a pain to set up (you kinda have to wrap your head around hey they do configuration includes to separate site config from package config), but the all-in-one approach *with a web interface* for easy viewing is... Yeah I'm migrating.

Plus it also supports ARC, and seems to be faster at scanning than SpamAssassin.

is happy.

A a secure, self-hostable, end-to-end encrypted cloud security camera using @[email protected] and Matrix?

Security fixes in hookshot, and a beautiful new release of FluffyChat?

Yes, all that and much more happened This Week in Matrix. Grab the report!

Yes, trust me Cloudflare, I know.

Part of the R710 to R720 swap apparently broke part of my networking. I thought maybe I broke the network config (all based on interface names), or maybe something disagreed between the switch and server LACP.

No, I rebooted as part of swapping network configs around (with it having completely broken networking so I reverted to backup) and it worked just fine.

Magic. Just things, issues that only get solved via reboot.

No port errors on the switch on any of the LAG members, server logs, hypervisor or guest, show nothing, no firewall issues...

At BEST it's mediacom, or the LAN-side cable of my router is falling out.

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Hey anyone, mind assisting me?

Pop to (basically any page) and see if you're getting random Cloudflare 523 (Origin unavailable) errors.

I'm trying to figure out if it's a mediacom issue or a server-side issue. Or my phone and laptop just sucking.

Whenever it seems like there is a bright new horizon in which #passwords are replaced by something more secure, also think to yourself "how would I log in via a Tor browser with javascript turned off?" or "how would I log in via a shell browser?" or "does this even work with a browser which isn't Firefox or Chrome?"

And we're live, once again.

Brief outage as a server forgot how to handle a foreign RAID array, but I'm now hosting everything on an R720... quieter that the previous R710, and less heat output, somehow. My room isn't a perpetual 78F anymore, it seems.

Side note: if you ever need someone to tape a bunch of mylar sheeting to a cardboard box to build a bedbug heat-treat enclosure... well my fingers are nearly raw from ripping piece after piece of gorilla tape, but I'm now decently versed in "tape the thing onto the thing."

And mylar like that is so unwieldy and unable to behave that I know what I'll be naming my cat, if I ever get one.

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I spend all day helping someone move their stuff out of a bedbug-INFESTED household, 4 hours away, get paid with a Dell R720, get home at 2:30 AM, and I just want to crawl into bed and cease existing until all my muscles are done being sore.

And my NAS's LCD screen is on... GREAT, my NAS kpanicked while I was away. Within a BTRFS op.

This is why I need that R720, to swap that in as hypervisor, and put on the (now unused) R710.

Hope my data's safe, at least md manages RAID,

Context: Razer Blackwidow Chroma v2, against a Smith-Corona Coronet Automatic 12. I don't quite know it's age, but the fake wood-grain vinear on the front and dark/pastel blue paint job tells me 70s.

Yes, I physically type my video scripts like a weirdo, even though I have a notebook app () that supports Fountain syntax.

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(i need to make this but with geometry and tesselation control/evaluation shaders)

« The cat is out of the bag : Nikc, a Google Summer of Code student, is working this year on getting #CMYK features into #GIMP. Let’s talk about this in a little more detail … » :gimp:

#bitwarden now integrates with #AnonAddy, #SimpleLogin, and #firefox Relay to streamline alias creation. This allows the generation of both a unique password and email address when creating new credentials. Convenient!

@lightweight @humanetech @EU_Commission This is why it’s important for public schools to use #FOSS. The taxpayer must fund schools & when schools buy proprietary s/w it’s a total loss for the taxpayer. But if the school invests in FOSS, the value of enriching the commons from the FOSS investment can be a reciprocal benefit to the taxpayer.

When it turns out, migrating to ESModule syntax for workers causes problems with packages. I guess I'm hand-rolling a giant block of if-then-return constructs.

Cyclomatic complexity: yes.

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Fediblock recommend! Important! 

I know I posted this before but I'm gonna do it again to make sure it reaches as wide as possible..

The following domain: "" went live a little while back and when checking out the instance it has 2 accounts. The admin(that follows known racists in the Fedi) and a 'FollowBot' that automatically follows as much accounts as possible.

Why would this be an issue you say?

Well! A while ago some bad actors made via the exact same way a follow bot that added people into "groups" that they thinked we belonged in like: "gay, lefist, activist, trans" etc etc!

These lists can only be used for targeting people online and we DO NOT WANT THIS in any way!

I again, I urge #Fediverse admins to domain block "" ASAP.


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