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Call me amazed, total moment with email here:

An email off the Mailgun MTA (coming from TechRepublic) just got the best reject reason I've seen: DMARC milter refused it, citing
'RFC5322 requirement error: not exactly one Date field'.
This causes a `5.7.1 Command rejected` from Postfix at the end of the `DATA` command.

How in the *world* do you screw that up, two Date headers?!?!

For the pedantic: BitKeeper *can* show a webpage off the BK daemon (the BK protocol is literally HTTP/0.9), but it's not as featured as I'd prefer.

I looked into Trac with plugins for all of them but it seems like it'll be a major PITA every time I want to make a new project, let alone let others manage theirs.

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Fun fact: it's so compatible that I literally downloaded all my project exports off GitLab, *swapped the container MAC addresses,* rebooted, and started importing. Everything else had 0 issues. Zabbix monitoring, reverse proxy, nothing cared at all. Perfect.

Now I just need to find capable interfaces for the other... Million VCSes I manage. Subversion and Bazaar are possible, not holding my breath with Monotone, BitKeeper, darcs, or CVS... Fossil is special. It does it's own thing.

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As of now, I've (almost) completely finished replacing the GitLab parts of my infrastructure with Heptapod - a fork that not only supports Mercurial as well, but also doesn't seem to be as in your face with the "hey you need to pay for the features I keep telling you to check out."

Just need the runners.. which would be fine except I need something that knows Mercurial, which is what Heptapod Runner is.

folks hello i am still trying to get my video captioning gig off the ground

if you make videos, would like them to be accurately captioned, and would prefer to pay some captions-enthusiast weirdo off the fediverse to make em, rather than one of those weird captioning sweatshops: txt me 💋

"Hey, Ron."
"Hey, Billy."

A picture explained with a meme.

I might have messed up the color correction LUT. Just... Just a tad.

From now on, every time someone asks "hey are you a developer?" I'm sending them this.

The pun is too good to pass up.

Download on Demand, faster and more convenient account switching, improved stickers, improved defense active active attacks and that's not even all :) The Android and iOS releases are rolling out to the stores and desktop also soon arrives.

I may or may not have made another with an ounce of Kahlua in it for experimentation reasons.

Noted: that one will have to be a single or I'll have to change the ratios. It's good but starting with a double espresso is just too much liquid to get through.

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Mmm, rip-off mcdonalds frappe.

I didn't realize I was enough of a *coffee freak* to completely sight-read (taste-read?) A coffee drink nearly first try (with one addition after the fact) using just what I had around.

Apparently, Aeropress espresso is plenty close to the real thing to use in drinks.

No promises, but it *looks* like I'll be able to make an attempt at color Soon™️.

So this means, I'm now someone who enjoys using a typewriter, used a *slide rule* throughout highschool where the teacher was too young to understand them, who writes with fountain pens, wax seals their letters, I'm just about to upload a video about *developing 35mm film* because film photography, and I have written programs in COBOL, FORTRAN, and Pascal just to mess with people. I'm *truly* stuck a few generations behind.
Anyways, back to messing with my Altair 8800 and Elliott 803 simulators.

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On seeing the paper on the left, a friend joking asked "did you clank that out on a typewriter?" because screenplays are formatted in Courier.

No, but, give me a week and I *most definitely* will.

what if the universe is just a giant terminal screen, and our galaxy is just one spec of color for the neofetch logo

A software tester walks into a bar. 

Runs into a bar.

Crawls into a bar.

Dances into a bar.

Flies into a bar.

Jumps into a bar.

And orders:

a beer.

2 beers.

0 beers.

99999999 beers.

a lizard in a beer glass.

-1 beer.

"qwertyuiop" beers.

Testing complete.

A real customer walks into the bar and asks where the bathroom is.

The bar goes up in flames.

Hi #Fediverse

Earlier on the #Solid forum Tim Berner's-Lee posted an idea to curate FAQ's in some separate location.

I followed up to that with an idea for a general solution to knowledge aggregation that would greatly alleviate the burden of manual curation.

Just now I described a use case of that idea on the #FedeProxy community forum to Aggregate Software Knowledge.

Maybe you wanna brainstorm on it? The topic is also posted to #Lemmy here:

At this point in time, I've genuinely spent 4 hours writing a 577 line, 6,210 word **blog post** about X.509 certificates and the PKIX, and it's only like 70% cmplete.
I need help.

Especially since there's *three more* in this series: asymmetric crypto primer, symmetric crypto primer, and, the thing that it's all building towards..... S/MIME and how it stacks against PGP.

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