@andybalaam @afranke thinking about it practically, markdown is just one way of rich text input (I mean, you can just use raw HTML too with /html), and technically, the input source doesn't need to be transmitted, just a rich text version for devices that support it (HTML), and a plain text version for devices that don't.

There's no real reason for your original input text to be in the event. It's nice from a users perspective, but useless from most other perspectives.

@obsolete29 I wonder how much of that is definition shift, and how much is "Incognito" or "In Private" not being too descriptive about what it actually means.

@andybalaam Interesting. I thought it would've used the unformatted text from the event (which seems to almost always be what I typed) instead of working backwards from HTML -> MD

@koyuchan genuine lack of knowledge coming from me over here:

Is Usenet still a thing? Especially since I haven't heard of NNTP servers *anywhere* and I ran a completely isolated one for a joke (before my INN config broke and I decided the joke was over)

I swear, every package I get through fedex involves them making at least one trip across my state before delivering it.
This is why a package that is *in state* on Sunday has an estimated delivery of Tuesday.

Can't wait for all the bottles to have been destroyed too.

For context: my current DSLR sits at 16 MP, until i upgrade to the 24 MP model (D7000 vs D7200).

If I had the processing power (and disk space) to deal with like... 8 GB raw scan files until they're split into individual frames, I'd have my *film scans* be higher resolution than my *DSLR.* (Though, in practice, you're NEVER using an image that large anyways)

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Since Mastodon is the elephant app, that makes all other social networks irrelephant.

Holy mother of...

the TIFF files that I have this scanner exporting are about 1.7 GB for a 4800dpi scan of 12x 35mm frames, color. About 600 MB in B/W. Res 12560x45791, so about 14 MP per scanned frame.

Native scanner resolution: 6.4kdpi. Max selectable: 9.6kdpi (there's a 12.8k option that's disallowed). Even a 4.8k scan takes 10 minutes for *1/3 of a roll* and my laptop can barely handle it. I tried opening a 9.6k scan and GIMP completely died.

Side note:


This has no less than three color munging steps: color calibration (Traditional white balance), color correction, and then a notch filter just to remove some residual tints.

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Okay, people. Pick one: which image looks better?

Same exact negative, just changed the scanning equipment.

Today I found out: Matomo charges _$160 per year_ just for the privilege of knowing what keywords someone typed into Goog / DDG / Bing to get to you.

That's outrageous, since I can _already see that on the search console itself._

Oh mediacom, you're so.... not worth it.

Ping graphs. Green (usually) dots are the average response, shading are the percentiles, and colored sections represent packet loss. That's what you should focus on... the packet loss.


@rantingsteve Let's guess.

One show's Meta's (falling) stock price, and the other covers it up by just reporting the big three instead?

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Ukrainians are selling used Russian Tanks on eBay

Ah, Mediacom. Where you can be told "no we don't do this" UNTIL you give them the traceroute, then they're like "oh okay I'll create a ticket for the NOC to look at."

I expect higher quality from Mediacom *Business* than to tell me "We don't block port 113, I don't know what to tell you" as I'm staring right at Liberal staff telling me IDENT is failing, and my firewall showing 0 packets off a pcap.

I love ISPs.

@linear With at least one instance of "Just press Ctrl-+" being met with "That's too complicated"

And the sales guy furiously writing ideas for an Enlarging-as-a-Service pitch to his higher ups that will make that loads of money?

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