Hey remember that roll of I shot a few days ago?.

Turns out... almost no good scans, way too dark. I knew slide film was less forgiving, but I should have been set right. Either not enough time in the first developer, or I just need to tell my camera to compensate like.. idk, maybe 1-1.5 EV higher.

The world of , where you can take 36 perfectly fine shots, and what's recorded isn't usable at all. At least I'm not paying development fees

1: (Part of) the code
2: What the code takes in
3: What the code outputs

I never said it looked good, but hell, it works. It's slow, operating on a 1.8 GiB, 12952x45791 pixel TIFF scan will NEVER be fast with my devices, but at least I'm not doing this all by hand anymore.


ISO 400 film at EI 3200. AKA, pushing it to the limit of how far I can reasonably play with it's sensitivity and get good results.

Somewhere I got some light leaks (okay, I know where), but other than that, the frame that are good are good.

5 rolls. 60 exposures.
Let's see what I can make of these.

(Going to visit family on the 31st, some of whom are serious old-school photography people, so this'll be fun)

No promises, but it *looks* like I'll be able to make an attempt at color Soon™️.

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