TL;DR Welcome to 2022. Your free trial of living has ended. Employers are too picky, employees are done being exploited, and inflation is so high that it's impossible to have actual independence and financial freedom.

If anyone knows of a company that would hire an autistic, ADHD-riddled degenerate with constant sleep and self worth issues, who's been doing backend since they were 9, since they were 14, with no "work" experience, please do not hesitate to show me.

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Looks like I just forced my hand out of laziness.

I'm using an XFS formatted drive as my temporary store while changing NASes. I chose XFS because in this scenario it's going to be more performant than plain ext4.

CORE (the based version) only imports... UFS (Unix / BSD), NTFS, FAT, and ext2 (yes, 2! 3 and 4 are not fully supported).

So I guess I've forced myself into TrueNAS SCALE (the option) just so I don't spend ANOTHER day doing transfers, to do transfers.

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