How to melt a laptop:

5 dynamips cisco 7200s, 1 VIRL IOSvL2 (so, QEMU), 2 Debian QEMU instances, and 2 Debian Docker containers.

(Yes I know technically not every icon, namely the Open vSwitch controller and IXP router, aren't correct. They help me remember what does what)

Late post

He's the only one I know that actually enjoys just being in the carrier.

Well, desk needs work but at least 3/4 of my room is clean (enough). Desk is getting re-arranged and rebuilt, anyways.

uspol via DALLE Mini 

So my friend decided to start messing around with today... and well

oh god.


"Did I mention, it's called GLOCK LEG simulator"

Legit, Receiver 2 in a nutshell:

Guns, cartoon violence 

Shotgun time?

...Shotgun time.

Sysadmin moment:

this is my current to-do list for containers to decomission, repurpose, or just migrate to non-main virtualization (aka, moving the trivial / storage-heavy workloads onto the NAS directly)

did I mention my internal data storage format is always some form of shorthand?

Me: Okay, I'll just setup UrBackup for my more... "consumer" devices.

UrBackup: hold my TCP/IP. This is a windows client basically connecting over to a docker container on my NAS. We saturated a 1gig link. (I have a dual-1gig bond). Disks are maxed too, 100% utilization, 101 MiB/s, 4 member RAIDZ.

"Holy fuck" is about the most descriptive that I can get.

New in the collection: a Pilot Falcon, 14k gold nib (not gold plated), soft fine.

Officially the most expensive one I own now (at 3x the previous high-water mark), and somehow it's too light to seem anywhere near reasonable but... gold nib pen. Monkey see, monkey get.

Friend: Hey I'm getting a weird error message, can you look at my code?

Me: Sure

Friend: <giant, 5000 line Java file for Programming 101 class that sometimes uses exceptions for control flow>



New hardware acquired: Benelli Nova (12 ga, 7+1)

I've wanted one for 3 years, dang it. I have one, totally coincidentally for the 4th of July weekend.

So what those statistics mean in my case: there's about 114 MiB of blocks (multiple sectors here) that had some form of read error. An additional 52 GiB of disk space hasn't been read yet (from being skipped over because read error), meaning, at most, i have 52 GiB + 114 MiB unrecoverable data. 3.59 TiB have been successfully read and stored, from the total 3.64 TiB drive size.

Here's some visuals for the disk reads, from ddrescues map file (list of "Block of lengh X, offset Y, is status Z")

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P.S.: Could also wipe out metadata (covers, posters, NFO file) for media, but that can all be downloaded / rebuilt a lot easier than the entire media file itself.

And here's the current state of things: (I'll explain in a sec)

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NAS moving time. Migrating the data off since the disks are going to be reused.

What could go wrong

If that isn't a perfectly tuned antenna, I don't know what is.

(You, ideally, want the needle to deflect as little as possible)

This is an example of why you do not set your contractor's fine structure such that they're penalized less for ripping through a fiber backhaul than they are for missing a deadline.

That's almost 11 hours downtime, on the dot.
That's 98.47% uptime this month. If it wasn't for knowing it wasn't their fault, I'd have said Mediacom should be ashamed to call this their "business class"

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