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This has no less than three color munging steps: color calibration (Traditional white balance), color correction, and then a notch filter just to remove some residual tints.

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Okay, people. Pick one: which image looks better?

Same exact negative, just changed the scanning equipment.

Oh mediacom, you're so.... not worth it.

Ping graphs. Green (usually) dots are the average response, shading are the percentiles, and colored sections represent packet loss. That's what you should focus on... the packet loss.

When your streamer friend doesn't have a good sub alert and you say "I have just the thing"

And your sense of humor, on a scale of 1 to 10, is "FUCKED"

Me: "Oh I can just merge Mastodon comments into Commento, it'll be fine"

Me: "Commento has no documented public API but the database schema is simple enough and has no relational / referential constraints, I can just directly modify the tables"


I just noticed by total accident that my general purpose color scheme has the same three primary components (black, white, green), and nearly the same shade of green, as the aromantic pride flag.

Interesting coincidence

@delta Oh, double the fun. Desktop version can't even import it's own exported keys. They're greyed out for some reason.

That reason is *probably* file extensions but hell if I know since SOMETHING doesn't tell you ANY information about what it expects, besides "secret keys."

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Sigh. @delta is nice but transferring keys is apparently an issue with K9/OpenKeychain. Either the Autocrypt setup has the wrong setup code, or there's no keys found in my downloads despite me just having finished stripping off the password and re-exporting it following Delta's own naming conventions (it seems)

Would be a lot easier to have a graphical key manager. Or any key manager. Not just "press this button and we'll scan for files without telling you what we're looking for"

Oh f❌k it, my NAS crashed in the middle of nightly backups because presumably that + Nextcloud uploads were too much.

I hate when the front LCD comes on. Because it's 40 characters out of a kpanic.

Managed to "repair" this laptop (dead battery, hard drive reporting constant ATA errors) and decided to throw on it for the heck of it, try something new.

Sure it's based, but it's definitely a keeper. Especially once this isn't tied to a stupidly loose cable. Then it'll genuinely be the smallest device in my collection, barring a Surface. And I might take it over said Surface.


ISO 400 film at EI 3200. AKA, pushing it to the limit of how far I can reasonably play with it's sensitivity and get good results.

Somewhere I got some light leaks (okay, I know where), but other than that, the frame that are good are good.

"Spot, you are interrupting my ability to work"

-Lt Commander Data

5 rolls. 60 exposures.
Let's see what I can make of these.

(Going to visit family on the 31st, some of whom are serious old-school photography people, so this'll be fun)

"Hey so I'm just going to underexpose this, and then develop it for too long, and it'll work. You think?"


"I don't know...."

I uh... Should have been a little more confident that I'd pull it off.

This is ridiculous, Mediacom "business class" internet is a joke.
At THREE POINTS yesterday we had complete connection failure, resulting in roughly 1.5 HOURS of downtime. Get your act together.

"Hey, Ron."
"Hey, Billy."

A picture explained with a meme.

I might have messed up the color correction LUT. Just... Just a tad.

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