Element Web translates your markdown into HTML when you send a message, and translates it back the other way when you want to edit a message.

This is a great opportunity for round-trip tests!

I am writing some, and finding lots of juicy bugs.


@andybalaam Interesting. I thought it would've used the unformatted text from the event (which seems to almost always be what I typed) instead of working backwards from HTML -> MD

That would be better, current behaviour is not great as you don't necessarily get something close to what you wrote.

@afranke @tek_dmn
Yeah, just had a chat about that here. It would be great if we preserved the original markdown you typed. We could do that, but we don't 😠


@andybalaam @afranke thinking about it practically, markdown is just one way of rich text input (I mean, you can just use raw HTML too with /html), and technically, the input source doesn't need to be transmitted, just a rich text version for devices that support it (HTML), and a plain text version for devices that don't.

There's no real reason for your original input text to be in the event. It's nice from a users perspective, but useless from most other perspectives.

@tek_dmn @afranke Yeah it probably shouldn't be in the event, but would be nice if the client stored it to make edits nicer.

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