Holy mother of...

the TIFF files that I have this scanner exporting are about 1.7 GB for a 4800dpi scan of 12x 35mm frames, color. About 600 MB in B/W. Res 12560x45791, so about 14 MP per scanned frame.

Native scanner resolution: 6.4kdpi. Max selectable: 9.6kdpi (there's a 12.8k option that's disallowed). Even a 4.8k scan takes 10 minutes for *1/3 of a roll* and my laptop can barely handle it. I tried opening a 9.6k scan and GIMP completely died.

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For context: my current DSLR sits at 16 MP, until i upgrade to the 24 MP model (D7000 vs D7200).

If I had the processing power (and disk space) to deal with like... 8 GB raw scan files until they're split into individual frames, I'd have my *film scans* be higher resolution than my *DSLR.* (Though, in practice, you're NEVER using an image that large anyways)

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