As much as the content I write on my site is... Extremely intermittent and only really understandable by a niche group of nerds, I'm going to ask.

If you wanted to be notified of when some website has new content available to read, how would you choose to get updates?

So here's how I think I can merge Mastodon and Commento:

Mastodon posts are HTML. So I need to do a LITTLE stripping (removing, say, @ mention links), but I can drop your text straight in, user name is, say "Teknikal_Domain (from the Fediverse)" and that's a link to your account profile. Comment text would also probably have a link to the original post at the bottom of it.

Favorites become Commento votes. Only public posts get counted. And I MIGHT be able to make CWs work as well.

I can also pull your current avatar picture... though I'd have to do a tiny bit of work to keep the name and avatar up to date. That would probably be a separate task from the main "check Mastodon and update" loop.


The IDEA is that @tekdmn_blog will be watching my RSS and tooting out the summary, a link, and some hashtags. Anything it says it'll check every ~5 minutes to see who's replied, and start meddling with the Commento database. So I can't do it bidirectionally, but I think it's good enough.

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