Sigh. @delta is nice but transferring keys is apparently an issue with K9/OpenKeychain. Either the Autocrypt setup has the wrong setup code, or there's no keys found in my downloads despite me just having finished stripping off the password and re-exporting it following Delta's own naming conventions (it seems)

Would be a lot easier to have a graphical key manager. Or any key manager. Not just "press this button and we'll scan for files without telling you what we're looking for"

@delta Oh, double the fun. Desktop version can't even import it's own exported keys. They're greyed out for some reason.

That reason is *probably* file extensions but hell if I know since SOMETHING doesn't tell you ANY information about what it expects, besides "secret keys."

Think I just found it. You need to select the *folder* containing the key file(s), not the key itself.


Except now it refuses to import the key, citing invalid packet. I think it's not expecting RSA 4096, or 25519.

Seeing open bugs for all this, and no real progress towards fixing them, it seems.

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