Sigh. @delta is nice but transferring keys is apparently an issue with K9/OpenKeychain. Either the Autocrypt setup has the wrong setup code, or there's no keys found in my downloads despite me just having finished stripping off the password and re-exporting it following Delta's own naming conventions (it seems)

Would be a lot easier to have a graphical key manager. Or any key manager. Not just "press this button and we'll scan for files without telling you what we're looking for"


@delta Oh, double the fun. Desktop version can't even import it's own exported keys. They're greyed out for some reason.

That reason is *probably* file extensions but hell if I know since SOMETHING doesn't tell you ANY information about what it expects, besides "secret keys."

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So I did just check manually - the code that K9 generates is correct. The key doesn't have a password. and Delta just doesn't want to accept it for some reason. Unless it's because my preferred key has a JPEG and some extra subkeys, but that's not a bad setup code, so the error is wrong.

Really, I want to recommend Delta. It's *great* for people who want a chat-style email client with automatic encryption support. But it seems the moment you want to do something like *not* have a different PGP key on every client, it all falls apart, because it feels like the import/export features haven't been properly tested.

Think I just found it. You need to select the *folder* containing the key file(s), not the key itself.

Except now it refuses to import the key, citing invalid packet. I think it's not expecting RSA 4096, or 25519.

Seeing open bugs for all this, and no real progress towards fixing them, it seems.

@tek_dmn it's true that there was not very much effort spend on key management as the primary focus is on people who don't want to, or can't, care for key management. It makes sense to revisit this area and improve it, though.

@delta Honestly, I'd start with checking your Autocrypt setup handling. Because that could solve most of the headache if it would either accept a message, or give a more descriptive error.
Unfortunately, I'm nowhere near capable enough to try to submit a contribution myself.

(What I'd really like would be a *few* clients to try, to see if it's Delta being weird, or K9 being weird.. even though it technically seems correct)

@tek_dmn I've managed to inport my keys but it was a real 🐝. Try to make a version of your key that's simple and doesn't have a JPEG and such. It should be in the asc format, that's correct (or I'm misremembering and have got that backwards).

@Sandra I mean, I could try stripping out the JPEG UID and the EC keys.
But if it's not processing RSA4096 (as a GitHub issue claims) then there's no point, I'd basically have to create a new keypair, which is what I'm trying to expressly avoid.

@Sandra Just checked - no photo. No extra keys. No password.

set_self_key: rPGP error: no matching packet found.

On further check: it needs NON-armored keys. But exports armored keys.
That's... even weirder.

@Sandra So then I take my 100% full key, photo and everything, and try to stuff it in there. And now it claims there's "no private keys" with the binary version, but now it imports the ascii-armored version???

@tek_dmn I copied my key and stripped it down and exported it with ASCII armor, and that worked. The binary version had given me "no private keys" and I bounced my head against that for weeks. It's a mess.
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