Well shit. Somehow this VM completely went ENOSPC.

Hope it's still alive.

If you've been exposed to Moxie Marlinkspike frequent rants about how people are dumb and lazy and we should have centralized systems for their happiness, André Staltz wrote a very good counterpoint (from @makeworld )


False alarm, needed to re-log the iSCSI connection, even though it said it came back up just fine.

NAS started a disk resync (md resync) so I guess I'll just have unbearably slow NAS ops for the next.... 13 days.

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The superblock could not be read or does not describe a valid ext2/ext3/ext4 filesystem.

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# fsck -C /dev/sdb1
fsck.ext2: No such device or address while trying to open /dev/sdb1
Possibly non-existent or swap device?

# iscsiadm -m session -P 3
iSCSI Connection State: TRANSPORT WAIT
iSCSI Session State: FREE
Internal iscsid Session State: REOPEN
Attached scsi disk sdb State: transport-offline

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Even better, My mounts are over NFS. If I had to shut a container down right now it would hang until the NAS came back, potentially even needing a forceful host power-off from the iDRAC.

Even better: the one iSCSI initiator (backup) needs me to take the entire backup frontend offline to unmount and remount.

Even BETTER: I have to power cycle the NAS now. I legit created a script to send the SNMP commands to toggle its outlet group remotely on the UPS, just for this. I hate this f❌king NAS.

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Oh f❌k it, my NAS crashed in the middle of nightly backups because presumably that + Nextcloud uploads were too much.

I hate when the front LCD comes on. Because it's 40 characters out of a kpanic.

Well fancy that, OpenSea can take away your NFTs, even out of your crapto wallet. So much for decentralization.

The one thing I really like about Beaker Browser is that you can make and view sites in markdown.
If web browsers supported markdown like that, the web would be a better place.


No, I don't want to install an app to use these earbuds.

No, I don't want to install an app to activate my cable modem.

No, I don't want to install an app to powerup my dishwasher

No, I don't want to install an app to control my heating and lights.

Why are we taking away the interfaces that directly control these things? Apps can be helpful as an alternative interface and even increase accessibility, but when they are the only option it has the opposite effect.

We Should Replace Facebook With Personal Websites

Personal websites and email can replace most of what people like about Facebook—namely the urge to post about their lives online.


#facebook #indieweb

Announcement that " @gitea is joining the #Fediverse " is hot trending on Hacker News with mentions of @forgefriends community and all 😃


@Linux_in_a_Bit From the docs: "dumb_mistakes_quota is an integer for the max number of dumb mistakes allowed in a day. A value of 0 implies unlimited. Default: 0."

So I've learned: Apparently if I reboot OPNsense half the services fail to come up.
Including but not limited to Wireguard.

Snikket is a project to make XMPP/Jabber decentralised instant messaging much easier to use. You can follow at:

➡️ @snikket_im

The website is at snikket.org

Snikket is releasing Android and iOS apps, and server hosting software, all with a consistent look, feel and branding.

The aim is to make XMPP easy enough for ordinary users, the same way Mastodon did with ActivityPub.

#Snikket #XMPP #Jabber #Messaging #Messenger #IM #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #SelfHosting

Donate to @conservancy if you can. They do vital work to protect and nurture free software.

Managed to "repair" this laptop (dead battery, hard drive reporting constant ATA errors) and decided to throw on it for the heck of it, try something new.

Sure it's based, but it's definitely a keeper. Especially once this isn't tied to a stupidly loose cable. Then it'll genuinely be the smallest device in my collection, barring a Surface. And I might take it over said Surface.

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